Customize the Height of Your Image Gallery

All of our slideshow Image Gallery blocks have customizable Height attributes that can be set to Auto, Adjust manually or Fit to window. These design features are great for photographers or those trying to include a portfolio on their site.

Design Considerations: This feature is meant to look best when used without a fixed navigation.

1. Within the Design panel find your page with the Image Gallery and select it.


2. Click into Type and select one of the Slideshow layout types.


3. Under Height you will have three options depending on the slideshow you choose (Carousel only has two options): Auto, Adjust manually or Fit to window.


- Choosing Auto is the default setting for the Image Gallery and will automatically size to the webpage to fit your content best.

- Choosing Adjust manually will allow you to enter a pixel height amount if you want your gallery to be a specific height but still span across the screen.

- Choosing Fit to window will expand your gallery as far as it can within the browser window, essentially making it fullscreen.

- Check the Preserve aspect ratio box and a background color box will appear where you can select a background color for your slideshow. You can also adjust the opacity of the background along with other slideshow attributes

4. Select Save and Publish to finish!

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