My social media feeds have stopped updating, what do I do?

If your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed has not updated with recent posts, it could be due to a number of reasons:

  • You need to Reset or Reconnect the connection within the Apps panel. This can happen when the account's password or account details have changed in the third-party app site.
  • The API connection has reached its call limit and is being throttled by the social media provider.

To rule out any errors with your connection, it is recommended that you first reset your social feed connection.

How to reset or reconnect your social feed connection

1. Select the Settings icon in the gray navigation bar and click on Apps under the Settings header.


2. You will see your current Third Party App Connections in this panel. Find your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter connection, and check their status.

You may notice a red Connection Error over your social connection. This would warrant you to press the green Reconnect button to reestablish a connection with the account.


Note: After selecting Reset, it may take up to 20 minutes for the feed to refresh and for our system to start adding the posts into your social block. It is a good idea to check your social page or block for the correct feed/page selection, on top of confirming the App connection in settings after pressing Publish.

It's important to note that, when you've disconnected a connected app, any references to that connection in a content block go bad and are automatically removed. Once the connection is re-established, it is necessary to go back to the block and select that new connection, then republish any pages where the new connection has been reset.

If your social feed is still not updating after resetting

If your social feeds are connected correctly and still not up to date after a couple of hours, then it is likely because the API connection is being throttled. When this happens, there you will see a delay in your social feed updating. The delay is typically 1-2 days, however, it can sometimes last for a week or longer. 

Why does this happen?

The social feed is fed through the respective providers' API. These providers often set a rate limit, which limits the number of "calls" - in this case, social posts - in a given time period. If the limit or the CPU is exceeded, then they will throttle the connection, meaning that they will not show the posts until the rate limit grace period expires.

Both Facebook and Instagram set a rate limit for their API connections, which include their embeddable social feeds. They specify this in their terms of service:

How can I fix it?

Since the throttling is caused on the behalf of the social media provider's API, there is no way to override the delay. 

You may consider using a third-party social feed widget in lieu of your site's integrated social feed. You can embed these on your site using an HTML block

Note: The third-party apps above may also experience rate limits and throttling by the social media providers.


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