Add an Image/Image Gallery

Add an Image or Image Gallery block to your page by using one of our preset content blocks.

Note: An Image block only allows you to upload one image, while an Image Gallery allows you to add multiple.

1. Select the Content tab in the gray navigation bar. Select the Page where you want to add an Image or Image Gallery.


2. While on the page, click on the green (+) icon that appears between the content blocks and select the Image or Image Gallery.


3. Upload or select your image(s) from the library by clicking one of the blue buttons, or drag your image into the blue box from your desktop.

Notice the differences between the two blocks below:

A) Image block
B) Image Gallery block

4. You have the option to enter a Title and Description.

5. Select the green Publish button to take your changes live!

A second way to add images to an image gallery is also available, and requires you to already have an image gallery loaded with images in it. Once you have that image gallery loaded with images, you can quickly add images to that image gallery quickly while in the Design tool.

1. Click in the Design tool and navigate to the page that has the image gallery you'd like to add images to.

2. Click and drag your images from your desktop onto the image gallery. You'll want to add the image to specific parts of the image gallery if you are looking to do specific things. For example:

-Add the photo in between images to drop the image between photos:

-Drag the photo over an image to replace:

-Add the image to the very front or very end of a gallery to add it to that position (look for the image to move slightly to the side to know you are adding it in front/behind the image:

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