How do I get started with SpaceCraft?

Check out this video for a quick rundown of the entire SpaceCraft Dashboard:

For an in-depth overview of the Design portion of the Dashboard, watch this video:

For an in-depth overview of the Content portion of the Dashboard, view this video:

SpaceCraft is a web-based platform providing thousands of people the capability to easily create, manage and promote exceptional websites. If you are someone who owns or manages a large or small business or company, we are here to suit your website needs! The video above will give you a general overview of how to use all of our platform's tools in under 10 minutes.


Information about all of our platform features can be found on this page:


If you are looking to jump in immediately with a 14-day Free Trial, follow this link to choose a template for your new site:


Maybe you are looking for pricing information and want to choose a subscription plan, see this page:

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