Grab the link to a PDF

Our platform allows you to turn clickable text or images into a PDF. Use this process to grab the hyperlink for a PDF in your resource library.

1. Select Content from the gray navigation bar. Choose the page you want the PDF hyperlink on.


2. Select the green plus icon between content blocks to add another block, and select the Resource option.


3. Within that Resource block, you can Drop resources here to upload or select Pick from Library or Select From Computer.


4. Once you have uploaded your Resource, click the Design this page button on the top right corner of the page. While in the Design panel, right-click on the PDF link in the preview window and select Copy link address (or similar wording in your browser. - ex. “Copy Hyperlink”, “Copy Web Address”, etc.)


5. After you’ve copied that link, head back over to the Resource block within the Content panel and highlight any text within the Description field and click on the Hyperlink icon. Paste the link you’ve copied from the PDF in the text field and click Add.


6. Now that you’ve properly inserted your link, you can delete the Resource block if you see fit by selecting the gear icon and clicking on Delete block.


7. Click on Publish to take any changes live!

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