Add Emma Lightbox to your Website

You may want to capture emails on your site using an Emma Lightbox, which is a pop-up modal box that encourages users to input their name and email details.

Follow the steps in this article to customize your Lightbox and receive an embed code

1. Place this code into an HTML block on your site. If you are looking to have this pop-up on all of your pages, then you will want to place it in the Footer. If you want it to pop-up on just one page (your homepage for instance), then you will just want to place it on that individual page.

2. Select the Content tab in the gray navigation bar. Click on the Page where you want the code OR select Footer on the right-hand sidebar under Global Content.


3. Click on the green (+) icon between content blocks, and select the HTML block option.


4. Paste the embed code you received from the MyEmma Dashboard into the textbox field, and click Save.

5. Select the green Publish button to complete and take the changes live!

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