JotForm Information (Adding a Form/Adding a Conversion Tracking Code)

You can easily connect your JotForm account to your SpaceCraft site. This article explores how to add a form and how to add a conversion tracking code.

How to add a form

To add a custom form to your website built with JotForm, a third party service you can integrate into your pages, first go to and click "Sign Up" in the top righthand corner.

1. Fill in the details and then select orange Create My Account.

2. You will immediately be taken to the My Forms panel, select the orange Create Form button:

3. Select what kind of form you want to start building (we chose Blank).

4. Title your Form and continue.

5. Choose the fields you want by dragging them into the viewer. Add custom titles, descriptions, and instructions to your form.

6. Click Save Form in the top left-hand corner. A pop-up will appear giving you two options - to cancel and continue editing the form or setup email notifications.

If your form is complete, you will now want to embed it into a page.

7. Select the Publish button, and then select Embed from the three tabs.

8. Copy the embed code by selecting the green Copy Code button:

Now head back to your website.

9. Click on Content in the gray navigation bar, and go to the page where you want the form.

10. Select the green (+) button and choose the green HTML block.

11. Paste the embed code from JotForm.

12. Select Save and Publish to take your changes live!


How to add a conversion tracking code to your website using JotForm:

Firstly, you will want to create a Thank You page within the SpaceCraft CMS. This page is what your users will see after they submit the form. Creating this page will allow you to track conversions in Google Analytics.

1. Select the Content tool from the gray navigation bar.

2. Select Add New Pages, and add a new Generic page. Name it Thank You or something similar.

3. Write a short line or paragraph on your page thanking your viewers for submitting the form and confirm that it was successfully sent. Select Publish when done.

4. Open a new tab and navigate to your Thank You page, copy the URL from your browser

5. Navigate to, login and select your form by checking it off and selecting Edit Form.

6. Select the Thank You button.

7. Select Change Page Link.

8. Paste the URL of your Thank You page that users will see after they submit the form and select Apply.

9. Select Save when done.

10. Now, navigate to Google Analytics and go to your site's data page.

11. Select Conversions on the bottom, righthand side. Then select Goal URLs under Goals:

12. Select the grey Setup Goals button.

13. Select the red + NEW GOAL button.

14. Choose a template that suits your form, or select a custom one. Then select Continue.

15. Then, name your Goal URL. Then select Continue.

16. In destination, enter the URL of your Thank You page.

17. Select Save.

Done! You have successfully added a Thank You page with Google Analytics conversion tracking for your JotForm form.

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