Change DNS records on NameCheap

Below, we give you all the steps on how to configure the DNS records of your website on to SpaceCraft. Make sure to add your domain to your SpaceCraft settings after completing the steps in this article. Today we will be adding an A Record to your DNS zone file:

1. Navigate to in your browser

2. Select Sign In in the top left hand corner and login

3. Select Manage in the area for your domain name

4. Select the Advanced DNS tab, and then the Add New Record button


5. Select the A Record type in the dropdown window

6. In the newly appeared field, enter "@" in the Host field, enter in the Value field, and select "1 min" in the TTL field

7. Select the blue check mark to save

Important: DNS changes typically take 24 to 48 hours for the change to fully take place. If you have any email setup on the domain, take note of your current MX records in order to not interrupt your email service.

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