Are SpaceCraft Preview Page URLs Showing Up in Disqus Recommended Items?

If you use Disqus for commenting on your blog posts, you might see a set of featured links under the commenting box, with the header "Also On [your blog name]." This feature is managed in the Disqus admin next to the "Discovery" header at https://[your-disqus-shortname]

In some cases, preview site links (with URLS that include can appear in that recommendations box, and those links won't work for your visitors. If you've experienced this, here are steps you can take to resolve the issue:

1. Go to https://[your-disqus-shortname][your-disqus-shortname] is the same name you provided in

2. Search the page for

3. Click on any of the found URLs to make them editable. Replace with your primary domain, including the "http://" protocol.

4. Look through your Disqus discussions and repeat the process on each page.

5. If you have a very large number of blog posts that need correction, you might find it easier to use Disqus' URL Mapper tool:

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