How do I create a "test page" for testing design and content additions?

Sometimes when you are designing your site or creating new content you will want to have a page where you can test different blocks, content, or embeddable widgets. We recommend you add a plain "Generic" page to your Content tool.

1. From the Dashboard, select Content.

For this situation, we will need to create a temporary "test page" on the site. This page is simply a Generic page that will be deleted after being used or can simply be hidden from the navigation (for you to come back to later).

2. Select Add New Pages, then select Generic, and then select Add.

3. Now, enter your new test page (titled "Generic" at the bottom) within the Content tool by selecting the title of it.

4. The page comes with three blocks pre-inserted, delete or use these.

5. Select the green (+) button to start adding blocks that you want to test.

6. Navigate to to preview your site after adding your blocks and test content.

Optional: To delete the page after use. On your Pages page, Select the Gear icon (Page settings) over the test page you created earlier, then select the red Delete button to remove the page. You may hide the page's visibility in this panel, this is an option for you in Page settings, as well.


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