FIT4MOM - Modify the "Our Classes" Section of Your Homepage

Your site includes an area on the homepage to feature classes that you offer from your FIT4MOM location. Read along to learn how to modify the area on your home page.

1. Select Content in the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. Select the title of your Home page to enter it.

3. Scroll down until you see the block titled "Simple list (classes)". This block populates the "Our Classes" section of your home page.

4. Now, please use the following lettered legend and screenshot as a visual guide to modify the "Our Classes" block to your specific needs: 

(A) Add item - Select this green button to add a blank item to the block if you're wishing to add in an extra class.
(B) Gear icon - Use this icon to "display off", duplicate, move, or delete the block entirely.
(C) Title - This is the name of your class and should include any appropriate copyright or trademark symbol for you.
(D) Link field - Paste in a URL or click into this field to select a page from your Content.
(E) Open in a new window or tab - Enable this icon and it will turn blue to indicate that the link on this item will go into a new window or tab.
(F) Grabber icon - Click, hold and drag on the icon to move the order of your classes inside the block. From first to last, the items will appear left to right in each row of items.
(G) Description field - Use this field to change the description of your class.
(H) Formatting icons - Highlight the description text with your cursor and you can then bold, italicize, add lists or hyperlinks to the text.
(I) Trash icon - Select the icon and Yes to permanently delete the item.


That's about it! If you have more questions or run into issues after reading this article or watching the support video, feel free to reach out to your friendly FIT4MOM Support Team at

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