FIT4MOM - Edit FAQ Page

Your FAQs page already includes the answers to questions most Moms will want to ask, but you are welcome to add more questions/answers or edit them to your liking. Follow the steps below to make updates to your FAQ page:

1. Select Content in the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. Find your FAQs page and select the title to enter it.

3. Scroll down on the page until you find blocks that organize the FAQs into different categories, such as "Stroller Strides / Stroller Barre" or "Run Club". Each category of questions and answers sits in their own respective FAQs block. Continue reading below for direction on certain actions you may want to perform on your FAQ blocks.

How do I delete an FAQ?

A) Select the Trash icon on the question.

B) Select the red Yes button and it is permanently deleted:


How do I add an FAQ to a category of questions?

A) On the page, in Content, scroll and find the FAQs block for the category of questions you want to add to.

B) Select the green Add an FAQ button:


C) A block titled Question / Answer will appear, but fill in only the Question and Answer fields:


That's about it! If you have more questions or run into issues after reading this article or watching the support video, feel free to reach out to your friendly FIT4MOM Support Team at

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