FIT4MOM - Update the “Your First Class is Free!” Emma Form

Emma is a third party partner that FIT4MOM uses for your Marketing efforts. Emma provides you embeddable code that should be pasted into your new site. We provide you HTML blocks already added to each page needing a form for quicker implementation. Follow the steps below to connect your own Emma form into the "Your First Free Class!" page.

Important: If you don't have Emma signup forms already created for your site, you will need to create them in Emma. If you are needing detailed setup assistance for your form (such as audiences, confirmation email, etc.), please reach out to MyEmma Support at The MyEmma Support team is trained and best equipped to assist you with their Marketing tools.

1. Follow the steps in the following article link to create and customize an Emma form to receive an embed code

Customizing your signup form

2. In your Emma Dashboardretrieve the iframe embed code by copying the code to your clipboard. Steps to retrieve the embed code are in the article mentioned above. (CTRL+C or CMD+C depending on PC/MAC computer to copy)

3. Head into the SpaceCraft Dashboard and Select Content in the top navigation bar to view all the pages on your site.

4. Select the "Your First Free Class!" page title from your list of Pages to enter it.

5. Scroll down and find the HTML block titled "HTML (form embed)". 

6. Highlight the entire code that is already placed inside the large code box of the HTML block (not the "Classes" field) and erase it completely.

7. Paste in the Emma iframe code you copied from earlier and then hit the blue Save button. (CTRL+V or CMD+V depending on PC/MAC computer to paste) 

8. Select the Publish button to make your changes live on the site.

Way to go! If you have more questions or run into issues after reading this article or watching the video, feel free to reach out to your friendly FIT4MOM Support Team at

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