How To Use Review Generation

With our new in-dashboard review generation tool, it's never been easier to get feedback from your clients. Here’s how it works:


  1. Log in to your SpaceCraft Dashboard and click on the Reporting tab.



      2. Navigate to the Review section. 



     3. Click on Request A Review.



    4. Enter your customer's Name, Email address and Phone Number*. Once all the information is entered, click Submit


*Due to certain legislation that protects residents of the USA, it's important that your customers first give you consent to send them text messages. If you don’t have consent to text your customer, uncheck the box.




That's it!  Our system will deliver the review generation email and text message within about 15 minutes. The messaging customers will see on these messages is below*. If you want to change the wording on these messages, let us know and a specialist can take care of that for you.



*Exact message appearance may vary depending on the review websites available for your business.










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