"Reserved Anchor Format" Error

When trying to create/title an anchor, depending on the name you choose, you may see this error: Reserved Anchor Format


This error appears when the anchor is being mistakenly titled the same name as the Page type. For example, if you are working on a Blog page, and are trying to name the anchor 'blog', it will not work and give you the error. 

An easy way to know what page type you have, is by clicking on the page you'd like to add the anchor to and looking at the URL. 


The word that falls between "content/" and the page ID (a string of numbers that follows) is the type of page you are working on. The anchor cannot be named the same thing as what is in the URL. In this example, our anchor would not be able to be named "home". 

One exception to this error is when case sensitive letters are involved. If you capitalized "Home" instead of using "home" (with a lowercase), you'd be able to save that name and avoid the error! 

Once you name the anchor, be sure to click the green Publish button to take your changes live!

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