How To Use 1st-Party Review Generation

Our 1st party review service makes it easy to generate authentic reviews from your real-life customers and showcase them on your website through an eye-catching reviews page.

When you sign up for 1st party reviews, we will create a customized review page on your website, but hide it from the navigation until you start receiving customer reviews (the page will be empty at first).

Once you start gathering reviews on this page, just let us know and we can unhide the page for you. You can also unhide the page yourself by following these instructions.

You can use this Reviews page in many ways including:

  • Linking to your reviews page in your email signatures.
  • Adding the review page link to any follow-up surveys or communication you use at your business.
  • Sending out an email blast to your current customers that links to your reviews page.
  • Adding the review link on any customer receipts.

Please keep in mind that changing the name of your reviews page will also change the URL. We'll set up the page to have the URL "". If you decide to change the name of the page, you'll need to make sure you update any links to the page with the new URL.

1st Party Reviews FAQ:

I got a bad review. What do I do?

It’s important to create a well-thought out response to a negative review. Review our Best Practices for responding to a review to formulate your response. Responding well to negative reviews can show potential customers that you care about making things right.

Can I remove a bad review?

A review is eligible for removal if it falls within the following categories. If you think your review falls under one of these, let us know and we can flag it for removal. Flagging a review does not guarantee that it will be removed.

Review contains inappropriate, hateful, or violent content
Sexual connotations
Hate speech
Negative remarks about an employee of the business
Review contains advertising or spam
Bulk messaging
Harmful links
Content promoting another business
Review is not related to the location
Content that is about a different location
Content not related to the business

What’s the difference between 1st party and 3rd party reviews?

1st party reviews are collected by you and displayed on your own website. 3rd party reviews refer to reviews on Yelp, Google, or any other property.

As search engines and searcher behavior continue to evolve, 3rd party review platforms such as Yelp have changed the way they show reviews. For instance, Yelp can filter out reviews that are “Not Recommended” and can sometimes lead to great reviews not being shown to Yelp users.

You have more control over 1st party reviews since they aren’t susceptible to this filtering system.

Why do 1st party reviews matter?

1st party reviews directly from your customers can give you actionable insights into what your business does well, and where you can improve.

By responding to reviews you can improve current customer relationships. In addition, featuring reviews on your website can improve your trustworthiness to potential customers.

Having 1st party reviews can help increase your authority in search engine's eyes. Our reviews page uses structured data to better communicate your website content to search engines.

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