Image Collection Features

Our Image Collection comes with many different features to help you get the best image quality and website loading time possible.

To access your Image collection, simply click on the Content tool in the gray navigation bar, and then the Collections tab under the subheader. Select the Images button to load your library.

From here, you will see all of the images you have currently uploaded to your site in a grid.  

Features include:

  • Adjust Image Quality/Compression
    • You are able to adjust the overall image quality preset or individual compression settings for supported image types by clicking SettingsClick here for more details.


  • Image Bulk Uploader
    • This allows users to bulk upload images in a new window. Users can access the feature from the settings from within the image collection. Do so by selecting Bulk Upload.


  • Image Size Control in Image Collection
    • This Enables you to change the number of images shown within the image collection. You can now view as many as 9 image columns (small images) to as few as three image columns (big images). Adjust this by using the slider under the 'Images' header.



  • Color Filter
    • Filter images by color. This feature can be found anytime you search for a new image.





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