How to Access And Use Your Resources Collection

The Resources tab of the collections area enables you to host and share PDFs with ease, directly from your website. It is a database, similar to your image collection, of all the PDFs you need hosted online.

To access the Resource collection:

1. Select the Content tab in the gray navigation bar.

2. Click on the Collections tab beneath Content.

3. Select the Resources button.


To add a new PDF:

1. Click on the green Add New Resources button.


2. Upload the PDF or files into the popup window, and then select the Close button.

3. Once the file is uploaded, you will be able to view the file directly, coppy the link, or share the file with other users and adjust the file settings.


You can tag resources by selecting the box that appears to the left of the PDF, and then chosing one of the buttons that appear at the top of the library to tag, untag, or delete.


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