Add a Drop Shadow to Your Images

Adding a drop shadow to your images gives your image depth and perspective. It makes it look like the image is popping right out of the screen!

Images without a drop shadow effect:


Images with a shadow drop effect:


To add a drop shadow to your images:

1. Select the Design tool in the gray navigation bar.

2. Click on the image within the website preview that you'd like to add a drop shadow to.

3. On the right-hand side of the website preview, make sure you are in the "Page" tab.


4. Once in the Page tab, scroll down until you see the Image(s) dropdown menu.


5. Select the "Add drop shadow" box by clicking on it, and you will see more stylzing options appear.


X offset - Change where the blur appears on the X axis, or from left to right.

Y offset - Change where the blue appears on the Y axis, or up and down.

Note: These numbers are only from 0 - 100.

Color - Change the color and opacity of the dropdown in this pop-up.


Blur - Change the lining of the blur effect, making it blend more smoothly or giving it a harsher edge.

Spread - Change the amount of space the drop shadow takes up (expand or make it smaller).

6. Once you make the drop shadow the way you want, click the green Save button, and then the green Publish button to take your changes live!

If you are a fan of the old default drop shadow,  you can achieve that same look by entering in these numbers:


X offset - 4

Y offset - 2

Color - As you would prefer, but set the opacity to 50

Blur - 6

Spread - 1

That will help you achieve the old default drop shadow look!


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