Image Size Recommendations

To ensure that your website is running to its best capability, while also showcasing your best photographs, we recommend sizing your images to these resolutions/dimensions before you upload them to your image collection.

  • For file size, a good rule of thumb is to keep your image file size under 300KB.
  • For large, full screen images like headers, stick between 1600px and 200px in width.
  • Smaller images like thumbnails don't need to be any larger than 900px in width.

Resizing your photos can easily be done within your computer's default image viewing program. For Apple/Mac computers, this will be the "Preview" feature.


Resize Images Before Uploading

1. Open the image in Preview.

2. In the top right corner of the screen, select Tools, and then Adjust size.


3. Enter in the specific dimensions you'd like to save the image to, and then select OK.

4. Save your image, and then upload to the image collections library!


Image File Type

Always use JPG files for images. PNG files can be very large and don't necessarily make your image look better. It's always best to only use PNG files for graphics like logos, icons, or type.

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