Filling Out Your Business Profile

Making sure that your business’ online listings are accurate and up-to-date can improve your customer experience and may also provide numerous SEO benefits. With the Local Listings tool, you can harness control over your business’ online presence without leaving your dashboard.

How it works:

SpaceCraft utilizes a digital knowledge solution which syncs your business information on over 60 local listing sites such as Yelp, YellowPages, and Facebook. Often, many of these sites contain incorrect information, which can mislead both customers and search engine bots. This tool is an easy way to correct that information without reaching out to these sites individually. In addition, if you need to change your information in the future, for example, if you get a new phone number or change your hours, you can update your profile and roll out the changes with the click of a button.

To begin:

1. Log into SpaceCraft and navigate to Settings (the gear icon in the top gray navigation bar).


2. Make sure you are looking at the Profile tab. Fill out the required fields (as outlined in the rest of the article below).


3. Once you are done, click Publish Profile to make the changes go live!

Filling out the profile:

Business Info: This section contains the most basic information about your business. Enter your business name and select the Business Type and Time Zone from the dropdown menus.

Directory Listings: This section features additional business marketing information that we require to sync your website with third-party services like Yelp and Facebook. The “Featured Message” is an opportunity to promote a “call to action” to potential customers, such as a discount or special sign-up offer. Your featured message will appear as a banner on many third-party sites. If you do not enter a featured message, it will default to “Contact Us Today!”

Address: This is where you should enter your primary business address. If you have additional locations, you can add them to other areas of your website, such as your contact page.

Contact Info: This is your primary contact information. This is public information that will be used on your website.

House of Operation: These are the hours that your business operates. In the “Notes” section, you can add more detailed information, such as “email us outside of operating hours”.

Social Accounts: This is where you can link your business social media accounts. Select the name of the service from the dropdown menu and enter the URL for your corresponding profile.

Publish your listings:

Once you have filled out all of the required information, then you are ready to connect your directory listings! If you have not yet connected your listings, the button on the right-hand column will say, “Get Started”. If you have already connected your listings but are making changes, the button will read “Publish Profile”.

If that button is green, then you can click it to publish your profile. If the button is greyed-out and not clickable, then you have not filled out all of the required information - please review all of the fields to ensure that the information is correct.

As always, let us know if you run into any issues during any point of this process, and our Support team would be more than happy to assist you where we can.

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