Change the Position of Your Image Gallery Arrows

Image galleries are a great way to showcase portfolios or multiple images for visitors to flip through at their own leisure. Our classic slideshow and carousel image galleries now have the ability to move the gallery arrow sliders on the outside of the image gallery, giving it a clean and organized look!


To enable this feature:

1. Click on the Design tool and navigate to the page you'd like to edit.

2. Select the image gallery and redirect your attention to the right-hand side of the preview.

3. Beneath the Type drop down, make sure your image gallery layout is set to classic slideshow or carousel, and then select the box next to "Display gallery arrows outside of image".


4. Click the green save button to save your changes, and then the publish button to take the changes live!

Optional 'Alternate Grid View':

The box next to "Enable alternate gride view" gives visitors the ability to select the grid icon at the bottom right corner of the gallery.


It creates a view that showcases all of the photos at once, making it easy for visitors to click and go back and view their favorite photos in a slideshow.

The color of the icon will also match the color of the text for your image gallery.



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