Issues Logging In?

Some customers find themselves being prompted to choose a new template and create a brand new website, even though they are really just trying to log into their account/website. Don't worry! Your information isn't lost, but it's possible you may be using an incorrect email address.
Why It Happens
If it's happening, then the email was used for a site at some point.  Otherwise it would give you an error stating "doesn't match records".
  • Scenario 1:
    • The email you are using was previously on your account but you have since changed ownership or removed the user.  For example, if you started with an @gmail and later created an email, it would confuse the system.
  • Scenario 2:
    • The email creating the loop was from an old trial that was deleted from our system.  The account still exists, so the system is trying to re-associate the email with a site in order to take you to the dashboard (which is why it's prompting you to create a brand new website).
How to Get Out of It
  • Option 1:
    • To simply get back out to the login screen, you can enter into the URL bar.  This will clear your login cookies and prompt you to enter your credentials again.
  • Option 2
    • Complete the login process by selecting a new template until you reach the dashboard. Then logout of that account in order to re-enter your correct credentials.
How to prevent it from happening in the future
  • To remove the incorrect email from the system and avoid reaching this process again, complete the process of selecting a template until you reach the dashboard. Then enter your account settings and completely delete your account.  The next time you try to login with this email you will get a message that your email does not match our records.

NOTE: You want to be sure that you are deleting an account that does not have any subscriptions tied to it. If you do delete your account that has websites attached, you will in turn delete the website(s) along with it and we will not be able to retrieve it.

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