Event Collections Tags (How to Exclude & Include Tags)

If you are seeing events on your page that you are wanting to remove quickly, you can easily add a tag to the event and exclude it from showing on your website! Excluding certain tags helps you quickly remove events from your website, so as to not confuse your visitors.

To do this:

1. Click on the Content tool in the gray navigation bar, and then the Collections tab beneath the Content header.

2. Select the Events tab to go into your events collection.

3. Click on the event you'd like to add a tag to, and scroll to the very bottom until you see the "Tags" area. Enter in the tag name you want to use to exclude/include/categorize certain events (this will be the tag you should use for all events of the same type).

In this example, we used "exclude":


4. Once you've typed in the name, click the Add button, and then the Save button.

5. Click on the Content tool once more and navigation to the page that houses all of your events/events listings (this will most likely be the page that has your Collection content block):


6. Enter in the tag you've just created into the "Filter by Available Tags" field box:


7. Once you've entered that, click the blue Add button and you'll see the tag appear beneath the field box. Click again on the tag name and a popup box will appear, making it easy to either include or exclude all events with that tag name:


8. Be sure to wait for the white checkmark to appear before you leave the page! Then you are ready to publish the changes!

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