Newest Features Updates

Date Released Feature Title Feature Description
Oct. 31, 2019 Team Members Collection We've recently released a brand new collection, Team Members, which allows users to easily update and keep track of their team's information. Learn more about the new collection here!
Oct. 31, 2019 Locations Collection  We've recently released a brand new collection, Locations! This collection allows you to add/update location information, making sure all of your locations have accurate data for clients in the area. Learn more about that collection here!
Sept. 3, 2019 Expand Inline Editing Capabilities We've completely redesigned the way users can utilize inline editing capabilities, making it more intuitive and smooth, all from the Design tool view. Learn more about that here!
Sept. 3, 2019 Expand Image Gallery Capabilities While in the Design tool, you can now upload, delete, reorder, and change the the size of your image gallery! Users no longer need to hop between the Content tool and the Design tool to accomplish adding photos. Learn more about that update here!
May 2, 2019 Upload Favicon Feature Are you a Premium or high subscription tier member? If so, take advantage of our new Favicon uploading tool! Add your website's favicon to the uploader to customize your website even more. Learn more about the feature here!


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