Photos not showing up on Google My Business Profile

Sometimes, after uploading photos to a verified Google My Business profile, business owners may notice that the images are not visible to customers and Google Maps users, despite the images showing up in their Google My Business dashboard.

If you have uploaded photos to your Google My Business profile but they are not public, you should first make sure that your images adhere to Google's photo guidelinesIf your images are still not appearing, then you should reach out to Google My Business support about the issue.

Contact Google My Business support

There are multiple methods to reach Google My Business support:

If you reach out to Google My Business support via a form, please make sure that you enter the email address that you use to manage your Google My Business listing. Google will send you an automated confirmation email with a case number. If you need to follow up on your support request, you can reference your case number.

Upload Images as a Google User

Many business owners whose uploaded photos are not appearing have noticed that other Google users have been able to successfully upload photos to the listing. Note: this is not preferred because your Google username will be attached to the photos. However, it is a workaround for business owners who want images on their profile immediately.


To upload photos in this manner, you will search for your business in Google Search or Google Maps and navigate to the “Add a photo” button.

You can do this both on desktop or on your mobile phone. 



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