Limitations on Items List Blocks

A List block allows you to link to multiple sub-pages, items, or categories all in one Content Block. Depending on the page type you've selected, this might be called a Projects block (for the Portfolio page type), an Events block (for the Event page type), a Team Members block (for the Team page type), or the Items List block (for all other page types).



However, there are some functions that you should be aware of before creating or editing an Items List.


Formatting Your Items List

By default, all Items in a single Items List content block will have the same exact formatting - and this includes the Content Blocks inside each Item. Therefore, if you choose to build an Items List, it is important that the information you include in each Item is consistent.

For example, if your first Item contains a Text block, and Image block, and a Video block, then each consecutive Item that you create will also have an empty Text, Image, and Video block. If you add a new content block on any of the Items, then every other Item in the Items List will also gain those same "blocks".

It is best to take time thinking about the formatting of how these items will look when you create the first Item on the Items List. Once you are satisfied with the formatting, then you can create each consecutive Item and simply drop in the desired content or images without needing to modify the formatting.


Deleting Content Blocks on Items

Since any content block that you add to an Item will automatically populate to every other Item in the Items List, the same goes for "deleting" blocks. If you delete a content block on one Item, then it will also delete each corresponding content block from every other Item in the list.

For example, let's say you have divided each Item on your list to include an Image Gallery, but you no longer want an image gallery on one of the Items. If you delete the entire Image Gallery block from one of the Items, then every other image gallery will be deleted from your other Items.

Instead of "deleting" content blocks from Items, you can instead mark that content block as "invisible" by clicking the "gear" icon on the top-right corner of the content block, then clicking the toggle switch labeled Display.


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