Configure Your Event Collection Details

The Events Collection allows you to create, edit, and manage all of the events on your website in one central location. The Events Collection dashboard also contains additional values and details to add to your event. To pull the events on to a page on your website, you can add a Collections content block to any page on your site, and then you can modify its appearance within the Design panel.


Step 1: Add or Edit Event Details in Content Panel

To set up your Events Collection, navigate to the Content panel:

  1. Click on Collections at the top of the page.


  2. All of the Collections on your website are listed here. If you do not yet have an Events Collection set up, click on Add Collection on the left-hand side of the page, then select Events from the pop-up menu.


  3. Once the Collection is created, click on Events from the list. On the Events Collection page, click Add New Event. This page provides the following fields for you to enter information:

Field Description
Event Information The basic details of the event. This will be listed in the lists, feeds, and any visual display of the event collection on your website.
Images You can upload a single default image to be used on all listings of the event. Otherwise, you can select Override default image to add additional images to the event.
Artists You can add multiple artists to your event, which are categorized as either Headliners or Openers.
Purchase Information Add multiple event prices and label, include links to where users can purchase tickets, and set the "on-sale" status.
Restrictions Include any age or event restrictions, or any special instructions that guests should know about.
Venue Choose the Venue from the dropdown menu.
Media Add additional details such as a text description or add links to videos or external audio sources.
Tags You can add tags to help categorize the event within your SpaceCraft dashboard. This is internal-facing and these tags will not appear to website visitors.


Finally, once you have entered all of the necessary details, click Save on the bottom-right corner of the page. If the button does not work, then you may want to scroll back up on the page and make sure all fields/information is correct - any items that need attention will be highlighted in red.


Step 2: Add the Events Collection Block on a Page

Navigate to the page where you want your events to appear. Click one of the green (+) buttons, then select Collection from the menu that appears.


On the Collection block, click on the Collection Type dropdown menu and select Events.


By default, all of your events in your collection will appear in the block. If you would only like certain events to appear, then you can select the toggle switch labeled Manual Selection. On the Items dropdown menu, you can select all of the events that you would like to appear.



Step 3: Configure How Your Events Look on Your Page

Finally, once you have set up your events and added the Events Collection block to your page, you will want to head over to the Design panel and configure how the events and their details display on the page. 

To do this, scroll to the top of the page and select Design this page in the top-right corner. Once on the Design panel, click directly on the events, and the Collections settings will appear on the right-hand sidebar.


All settings on this page will affect ALL events. Below is a list of the major design settings that are available, from top to bottom on the sidebar:

Setting Description
Type Change the layout of how the events display on the page, i.e. in a "grid", "slideshow", or "list" format.
Layout Choose how the event text displays on top of the event cover images.
Images Modify the appearance of the cover images of your events.
Date Choose whether to include the day of the week, or modify the Date text appearance.
Promoter Choose whether to include the name of the Promoter on the events.
Event Information Change the appearance of the text regarding the event's information.
Artists Choose whether to display the Headliners and Openers on events.
Event Details Choose whether to display the Location, Door Times, Restrictions, or Price on events.
Buttons Choose the alignment of any buttons (if applicable).
Item Containers Adjust the amount of spacing in between each event on the page.
Item Borders Add or remove borders around the individual events.
Container Adjust the empty space around the entire Event Collection block. This can add or remove additional padding/space on top, below, or on the sides of the section.
Border Add or remove a border around the entire Event Collection block.
Animation Add an "animation" that occurs when users open the page. For example, you can have the events "zoom in" or "slide up" when the page is opened.


Once you are finished making changes to the Design settings, click the green Save button on the bottom-right corner of the page.

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