Duplicate Blog Posts

When you post a new blog on your website, you can repurpose an existing blog post's styling, formatting, and layout by using the Duplicate feature.


Step 1: Duplicate the Post

There are two ways to duplicate a blog post:

On the main blog page On the specific blog post
You can quickly duplicate any blog post by selecting the "duplicate" icon on any post in the list. At the bottom of every blog post page, you can click Duplicate Post to create a copy of that post.
Screen_Shot_2021-11-19_at_2.35.01_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-11-19_at_2.36.43_PM.png


After you duplicate a post, it will appear at the top of the Posts list with the word (Copy) appended to the end of the title.



Step 2: Swap out the Content

Once you have duplicated the post, the "copied" post will also carry over all of the content, images, and any SEO data from the original post. You will want to make sure that all content is changed to avoid being penalized by search engines for having duplicate content on your site.


Blog Content

Double check that all of your on-page content is updated to reflect your new blog post. Any changes you make in the Content panel will not affect the page's layout or design settings.


SEO Data

Any SEO data that you've added to your blog post - such as the Title Tag or Meta Description - will be carried over in to the copied post.

Before you publish your new post, expand the SEO & Sharing section on the right-hand sidebar, and enter a unique Title Tag, Description, and Canonical URL.



Facebook or Twitter Data

If you have added a custom title, description, or image for a post's Facebook and Twitter share link, then that information will also carry over to the copied post.

On the SEO & Sharing sidebar, click on the Facebook and Twitter "tabs" to make sure any information entered matches the new blog post.


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